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Gale Business and Company Resource Center


BIOSIS Previews(r)
Source: Biological Abstracts, Inc. (BIOSIS)

The Premier product from this world renowned publisher, BIOSIS Previews is the comprehensive index to life sciences and biomedical research worldwide including: journals, meetings, patents, and books.

BIOSIS Previews serves your every need for finding life sciences references. No matter where life sciences information is published, BIOSIS Previews gives you the most efficient and reliable way to find it. Researchers, librarians, and students worldwide use BIOSIS Previews to stay current on topics from botany to genetic engineering. BIOSIS Previews contains a vast collection of records from thousands of life science literature sources across the globe including journals, books, and meetings. The database is multidisciplinary - and the best single source for references to the international life science research literature. BIOSIS indexing presents key terms in the same context used by the original author. This allows you to search the database for items, such as organisms or biochemicals, taking into account the relationship between them in the source literature.

Clinical Trials Insight
Source: Adis International

Clinical Trials Insight is the new standard in rapid evaluation of clinical trial evidence for pharmaceutical professionals. Every year all the clinical trials reported in over 1,700 medical and scientific journals and at major meetings are assessed. An incomparable resource for clinical intelligence, Clinical Trials Insight provides in-depth analysis of every clinical trial, identifies key study messages and evaluates the clinical and commercial impact of the study's results.

Current Contents
Source: Institute for Scientific Information - Thomson Scientific

The Current Contents Search(r) (CC Search(r)) database provides access to the tables of contents and bibliographic data from current issues of the world's leading scholarly research journals and books in the sciences, social sciences, and arts and humanities. Cover-to-cover indexing of journal articles, reviews, meeting abstracts, editorials, etc., is provided for more than 7500 internataional journals covering all disciplines. Complete bibliographic information, including English-language author abstracts (for approximately 85% of articles and reviews in the science editions), author keywords, KeyWords Plus(r), and ISSNs are provided.

EMBASE Drugs and Pharmacology
Source: Elsevier Science B.V

The EMBASE Drugs and Pharmacology (EMDP) database is a member of the EMBASE family that consists of three separate databases: the Excerpta Medica Database (EMBASE), EMBASE Drugs and Pharmacology (EMDP), and EMBASE Psychiatry (EMPS). Formally, EMDP and EMPS are considered to be subsets of EMBASE. The Excerpta Medica database (EMBASE) produced by Elsevier Science, is a major biomedical and pharmaceutical database indexing over 3,500 international journals in the following fields: drug research, pharmacology, pharmaceutics, toxicology, clinical and experimental human medicine, health policy and management, public health, occupational health, environmental health, drug dependence and abuse, psychiatry, forensic medicine, and biomedical engineering/instrumentation. There is selective coverage for nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, psychology, and alternative medicine. EMBASE is one of the most widely used biomedical and pharmaceutical databases because of its currency and in-depth indexing. Frequent updates allow access to the latest medical and pharmacological trends. Approximately 375,000 records are added yearly.

Evidence Based Medicine Reviews (EBMR)
Source: Cochrane Collaboration
American College of Physicians
NHS Centre for Reviews and Dissemination

A definitive resource for electronic information in the evidence based medicine (EBM) movement that combines 4 of the most trusted EBM resources into a single, fully-searchable database.

  • Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews - The Cochrane Collaboration consists of groups of experts in over 40 clinical specialties who authoritatively review hundreds of studies on topics in their specialty; select those that meet strict EBM criteria; perform "meta-analyses" when possible on all the included studies; and then write detailed, structured reviews of the topic and the findings. These reviews allow clinicians to get fast, "bottom line" answers to their most commonly-asked questions, based on a comprehensive and expert analysis of the available medical literature.
  • The Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effectiveness (DARE) - provides access to selected systematic reviews on the effectiveness of clinical interventions and policies from databases such as MEDLINE and through manual review of the primary literature. DARE researchers trained in critical appraisal select only high quality reviews based on evaluation of literature searching, inclusion criteria, study assessment, and synthesis. Systematic review articles that are selected are summarized and evaluated in full text reports that describe the interventions and outcomes studied; the conclusions drawn; strengths and weaknesses of the review; and implications for practice.
  • ACP Journal Club - The editors of ACO Journal Club screen the top clinical journals on a regular basis and identify studies that are both methodologically sound and clinically relevant. Enhanced abstracts of the chosen articles are then written, including commentaries on the applicability of these studies to clinical practice.
  • Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials - This bibliographic database of definitive controlled trials was created by the distinguished contributors to the Cochrane Collaboration, in collaboration with others, as part of an international effort to create an unbiased source of data for systematic reviews.

IEEE Biomedical Library
Source: The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

The IEEE Biomedical Library is IEEE's first article compilation organized around a subject area rather than packaged by publication.

The IEEE Biomedical Library is a unique offering of select full text biomedical engineering, biotechnology and biomedicine documents. Totaling over 40,000 documents from both IEEE and the Institute of Electrical Engineers (IEE), the content is drawn from over 130 journals and periodicals, more than 350 conferences, and standards published by the IEEE since 1988.

This specialized content covers topics such as analytical diagnostic techniques, bioinformatics, biomechanics, genetics, hospital engineering, medical imaging, nanobioscience, neuroengineering, prosthetics and orthotics, sensory processing, speech and biocommunications, and therapeutic surgical techniques.

IMS New Product Focus
Source: IMS Health

IMS New Product Focus is the premier service tracking new product introductions worldwide. The database contains data going back to 1982, which means that users can obtain the most comprehensive historical picture of product launch and competitor activity. It documents over 1,000 new launches every month.

IMS Patent Focus
Source: IMS Health

Evaluated patent information on over 1,600 commercially significant pharmaceutical compounds

Using the extensive experience of patent searchers to provide an international service, Patent Focus takes the effort out of pharmaceutical patent evaluation. With over 62,000 patent records included, Patent Focus shows the product patent position for over 1200 drugs on the market and in active R&D. The extensive worldwide coverage enables clients to assess the commercial opportunities of a drug at every stage of its lifecycle.

  • Full evaluation of pharmaceutical patent families
  • Access to patent families direct from the generic name of the drug
  • IMS LifeCycle product R&D Focus and New Product Focus also available on Ovid

IMS R&D Focus
Source: IMS Health

IMS R&D Focus is the premier service for monitoring the development, efficacy and status of pharmaceuticals from early clinical testing through to launch. It supplies comprehensive reviews and up-to-date news on drugs in development. Some of the key features for R&D Focus are:

  • 6,444 drugs in active development
  • Over 17,500 drugs total
  • Over 100 new drugs added each month
  • Over 400 drug updates each month
  • Full commercial and scientific summaries
  • Licensing availability
  • Save search strategy and results of searches
  • AutoAlerts delivered via email

Source: U.S. National Library of Medicine

The full MEDLINE(r) for the Ovid platform, this product is updated daily and includes access to Ovid MEDLINE In-Process & Other Non-Indexed Citations, Ovid's collection of non-indexed NLM records, both the in-process and PubMed-not-MEDLINE records.

MEDLINE Overview

  • Ovid Evidence-Based Medicine Reviews Limit provides quality filter to quickly identify authoritative and relevant evidence and also provides link to article and topic reviews (separate purchase necessary).
  • Access to MEDLINE Extra - Ovid's collection of non-indexed NLM records that includes in-Process and PubMed-not-MEDLINE records. MEDLINE Extra provides the most current information on MEDLINE and non-MEDLINE journals and with Ovid's upcoming Links@Ovid and LinkSolver products, it will be possible to activate links directly from the non-MEDLINE citations in MEDLINE Extra, to the PubMed Central full text articles.
  • Advanced mapping analyzes users' natural language queries and suggests appropriate terms for searching.
  • Graphical thesaurus with scope notes and tree structures.

Inspec Biomedical Technology
Source: The Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE)

An affordable research tool for everyone involved in any aspect of biomedical engineering

Inspec Biomedical Technology includes all the power and precision of its parent database, Inspec, but with content selected for the biomedical engineering community. Inspec records are selected for inclusion in the Inspec Biomedical Technology database using Inspec's unique classification code system. It comprises over 500,000 records from 1969 to date, and will be updated with over 21,000 new records per year.

Topics covered include:

Biophysics; medical physics; biomedicine; radiation affects and uses; Biomedical engineering; biomedical systems theory; biomedical control; biomedical computing; Patient care and treatement; health care administration

  • A vital resource for current awareness, new product information, technological forecasting, competitive intelligence, patent-related searching
  • Features comprehensive controlled subject indexing using the Inspec Thesaurus and Classification to save search time and ensure users can extract the key information they need
  • Fully integrated links to Journals@Ovid and external publisher links for easy access to full text articles
  • Excellent coverage of key conferences, reports and dissertations
  • Global coverage including non-English language research
Source: NewsRx

This database features the full text of over 100 well-known weekly newsletters, including AIDS Weekly, Cancer Weekly and Biotech Week.

NewsRx is your source for the most readable news on drugs, chemicals, biotechnology, science, medicine and health. For nearly 20 years, health professionals, physicians, clinical investigators, and pharmaceutical executives have relied on NewsRx for the highest caliber, reliable and readable health and scientific information. You can also expect to see additional newsletters launched as hot topics emerge, and NewsRx subscribers receive access to each and every new newsletter.

NewsRx's seasoned team of scientists, physicians, and medical journalists create reports based on over 4,000 journals, as well as scholarly conference proceedings, field reports from numerous research contacts, internet news, and direct submissions. Thousands of peer-reviewed articles are scanned each week to prepare reports that are often available at the same time as the published article. With more than 1,000 new reports each week, no significant development or study is overlooked.

R&D Insight
Source: Adis Internationall

Leading source of drug pipeline information, providing worldwide business intelligence

R&D Insight monitors all pertinent aspects of a drug's life cycle from clinical development to product launch or discontinuation. Contains profiles for more than 16,000 drugs, each with a detailed literature review, up-to-date information on development status, an Adis rating based on therapeutic value, and commercial intelligence from Lehman Brothers. Chemical structure images for over 6400 compounds. The data is derived from over 1,700 medical, pharmacological and scientific publications, scientific meetings, direct company communications, annual reports, press releases and from Internet sources.

  • Now enhanced with hyperlinks to details of cited clinical trials from Adis. New hyperlinks in the References field link to LMS study summaries, including details on study design, subjects, study groups, drug dosages and concomitant medications, results, (including tables) and adverse events, plus commentary on study conclusions and signficance.
  • Updated weekly

Functions & Features

Ovid PayPerView

Ovid's PayPerView service enables clinicians, students and researchers to expand their information reach by purchasing immediate access to the full text content in Journals@Ovid to which their institution has not subscribed. This service is available to customers searching in Ovid and by users who want to link to Ovid full text from external sites.

PayPerView ensures that today's clinicians and researcher will always have access to the essential content needed to make the most informed decisions possible--decisions that are about improving patient care and assisting medical breakthroughs. Administrators can be confident that their patrons will have fast, secure, and seamless access to all the vital information they need, without over-stretching the library budget.

Using PayPerView is fast, easy, and secure. You can purchase as many individual articles as you desire by using your credit card within our secure purchasing environment. To complete your purchase you will be asked to create an account. This account allows you to link to your currently available PayPerView articles or you can revisit your account at any time to amend or view your current account information.

Purchased articles can be viewed for 24-hours from purchase and may be downloaded, emailed, or saved to another location.


The Ovid AutoAlert feature is an extremely popular and widely used component of the Ovid Online system. It enables you to save a search as an AutoAlert and automatically receive updates via email whenever the database you specified has been updated. This invaluable feature allows you to keep up-to-date on new articles or citations that meet the criteria you establish, as it is released in Ovid databases.

In addition, the creator of an AutoAlert can designate multiple recipients. All designated members of a workgroup or project team will automatically receive the same AutoAlert email and will be able to view the AutoAlert results simultaneously. No forwarding or redirecting of emails is necessary!

Real-Time Updates Via Email
Ovid's traditional AutoAlerts send email notification to users, informing them when a search has been run. The notification includes the number of new items found and corresponding citations, and requires a user to open an Ovid session and run the search manually to view the updated results.

Table of Contents and Article Abstracts to over 900 Journals@Ovid

As a leader in electronic journal offerings, Ovid provides access to hundreds of journals through our Journals@Ovid database.

  • Easily accessible through Journals@Ovid, with our advanced searching features
  • 100% searchable full text, including every word, every graphic and every caption
  • Full access to all tables of contents and bibliographic citations for every journal in Journals@Ovid

Searching and Linking in Journals@Ovid

Easy Browsing

Explore and discover - With Ovid's intuitive software, browsing an electronic journal is as easy as turning pages. Our electronic full text allows you to move easily from the table of contents to an article, from one article to the next, and from one issue to another.

Browse by journal name - Browse lists of journal names and link immediately to tables of contents or articles of interest.

Browse by subject - Use this feature to identify and browse available full text journals on topics that interest you. Targeted Searching

Get what you need - In the Journals@Ovid database, you can target your search to specific fields, such as caption text, title, author, references, or article text.

Limit to full text - In key bibliographic databases or Journals@Ovid, use

  • limit to full text
  • to retrieve only articles from the journals you've purchased.

    Refine your search - Focus your search using powerful search limits, such as: article type, journal subject categories, articles with graphics, articles with references, publication date and others.

    Keep current - AutoAlerts (SDIs) deliver the latest information automatically. Define a search once, and AutoAlerts email the newest information every time the database is updated.

    Choose your delivery format - Sort your output, and save, print, or email citations, abstracts, and articles in HTML, or ASCII for Unix, Mac, or Windows. Output your text with or without thumbnails or full-size graphics.

    Intuitive Navigation

    Article overviews - Ovid provides an outline for every article, so you can move from section to section with a single click.

    Hypertext links within each article - Structured abstract links, reference links, figure links and context links allow you to jump immediately to the relevant section or graphic.

    Links to related information - From any article, link to journal information or the issue's table of contents.

    Seamless Linking

    Link from bibliographic databases to full text - Start your search in a powerful bibliographic database, like MEDLINE(r), PsycINFO(r), CINAHL or Current Contents(r), and link seamlessly to full text articles.

    Link from full text to bibliographic databases - References in full text articles link to bibliographic citations in the Ovid databases you've purchased.

    Link directly from full text to full text - References in an article link to other full text articles, so you can follow an author's research, trace the history of a topic, or find related information.

    Free BIOSIS(tm) links - Automatically included with your Journals@Ovid purchase, full text references contain links to BIOSIS(tm) bibliographic citations and abstracts.

    Full-text Journals

    Journals @ Ovid

    Journals@Ovid offers a selection of more than 1,000 high quality medical and scientific journals from more than 50 of the top publishers worldwide. And each month we add even more journals! Journals@Ovid is well known for 100% searchability, linking, and integration with bibliographic databases.

    For a complete list of titles ... Ovid List of Titles

    Gale Business and Company Resource Center

    The Business & Company Resource Center is a comprehensive research tool that meets core curriculum requirements in undergraduate and graduate case study work as well as the business research needs of the job seeker or casual investor. It offers dynamic, accurate, and up-to-date topical business information and company and industry intelligence on thousands of global companies.

    The Business & Company Resource Center provides business, company, and industry content in the following areas:

    • Periodical articles, news articles, and press releases
    • Detailed information for domestic and international companies and associations, including information on corporate hierarchical structures
    • Company financials and earning estimates
    • Investment reports
    • Corporate chronologies and company histories
    • Brands and product information
    • Industry and company rankings
    • Market Share data
    • Industry Overviews
    • HR Law Case Digests

    The Business and Company Resource Center contains the latest information drawn from the following databases:

    • American Wholesalers and Distributors Directory
    • Brands and Their Companies
    • Business Rankings Annual, 2000 through Present
    • Consultants and Consulting Organizations Directory
    • Encyclopedia of American Industries
    • Encyclopedia of Associations: National Organizations of the U.S.
    • Encyclopedia of Associations: Regional, State, and Local Organizations
    • Encyclopedia of Associations: International Organizations
    • Encyclopedia of Emerging Industries
    • Encyclopedia of Global Industries
    • Graham and Whiteside Major Company Series
    • International Directory of Company Histories
    • Market Share Reporter
    • Notable Corporate Chronologies
    • Publishers Directory
    • Telecommunications Directory
    • Ward's Business Directory of U.S. Private and Public Companies
    • Ward's Business Directory of Private and Public Companies in Canada and Mexico
    • World Market Share Reporter

    Gale Business and Company Resource Center - Partial Journal Title List

    Biological Sciences

    • American Journal of Human Genetics
    • BioScience
    • Human Biology

    Biotechnology Industry

    • Applied Genetics News
    • BioAccess
    • Biomedical Products
    • Bioscience Technology
    • Biotech Business
    • Biotech Equipment Update
    • Biotech Financial Reports
    • BIOTECH Patent News
    • Biotech Week
    • BioVenture View
    • Bioworld Financial Watch
    • BioWorld International
    • BioWorld Week
    • BT Catalyst
    • Cell Therapy News
    • Emerging Food R&D Report
    • Food Traceability Report
    • GenomiKa
    • Industrial Bioprocessing
    • Japanese Biotechnology & Medical Technology
    • Laboratory Equipment
    • Life Sciences & Biotechnology Update
    • Medical Materials Update
    • Nano/Bio Convergence News
    • Worldwide Biotech


    • Pharmaceutical Executive
    • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Review

    Chemicals, Plastics and Rubber Industries

    • Adhesives & Sealants Industry
    • Adhesives Age
    • Advanced Ceramics Report
    • Advanced Composites Bulletin
    • Advanced Materials & Composites News
    • American Paint & Coatings Journal
    • APCJ Fax News
    • Asia Pacific Coatings Journal
    • Canadian Chemical News
    • Canadian Plastics
    • Chemical & Engineering News
    • Chemical Engineering
    • Chemical Marketing Reporter
    • Chemical Marketing Reporter-Chemical Business
    • Chemical Monitor
    • Chemical Specialties
    • Chemical Week
    • Chemical Week Asia
    • Chemist & Druggist
    • Chemistry and Industry
    • China Chemical Market Newsletter
    • China Chemical Reporter
    • China Markets for Melamine
    • Chinese Markets for Dimethylacetamide
    • Coatings
    • Coatings World
    • Composites & Adhesives Newsletter
    • ECN-European Chemical News
    • European Plastics News
    • European Rubber Journal
    • Glass Age
    • High Tech Separations News
    • Industrial Paint & Powder
    • Industrial Specialties News
    • Ink World
    • International Ceramics
    • International Glass Review
    • Manufacturing Chemist
    • Materials World
    • Modern Plastics
    • Molding Systems
    • Nanoparticle News
    • Paint & Coatings Industry
    • Plastics & Rubber Asia
    • Plastics Engineering
    • Plastics News
    • Plastics Technology
    • Plastics World
    • Process Engineering
    • Rubber & Plastics News
    • Rubber & Plastics News II
    • Rubber Trends
    • Rubber World
    • Speciality Chemicals
    • Standard & Poor's Industry Surveys: Chemicals
    • Toxic Substance Mechanisms
    • Toxic Substances Journal


    • High Performance Plastics
    • LC-GC North America
    • Membrane & Separation Technology News


    • Evaluation Engineering
    • Microwave Engineering Europe
    • PT Motion Systems Distributor
    • Semiconductor Industry & Business Survey
    • Sensor Business Digest

    Electronics and Electrical Industries

    • Advanced Imaging
    • Analytical Instrument Industry Report
    • Cabling Installation & Maintenance
    • CEE News
    • Chilton's Electronic News
    • Comline Electronics
    • Dealerscope Consumer Electronics Marketplace
    • Dealerscope: The Business of CE Retailing
    • Display Development News
    • EBN
    • EC&M Electrical Construction & Maintenance
    • ECN-Electronic Component News
    • EDN
    • EDN Europe
    • Electric Perspectives
    • Electrical World
    • Electronic Business Asia
    • Electronic Buyers' News
    • Electronic Commerce News
    • Electronic Design
    • Electronic Engineering Times
    • Electronic Materials Update
    • Electronic Media
    • Electronic News
    • Electronic News (1991)
    • Electronics
    • ElectronicsWeek
    • ERMagazine
    • ERT Weekly
    • Fuel Cell Technology News
    • High Tech Ceramics News
    • Instrumenta
    • Japan Consumer Electronics Scan
    • Laser Focus World
    • Management Quarterly
    • Mobile Radio Technology
    • Motion Systems Distributor
    • Optoelectronics Report
    • Platts Energy Business and Technology
    • Poptronics
    • Power Electronics Technology
    • Power Quality
    • Printed Circuit Design
    • R F Design
    • Security Distributing & Marketing
    • Solid State Technology
    • Sound & Video Contractor
    • Standard & Poor's Industry Surveys: Electronics
    • TelevisionWeek
    • Test & Measurement Europe
    • TWICE
    • Video Systems

    Engineering and Manufacturing Industries

    • Advanced Manufacturing Technology
    • Advanced Materials & Processes
    • Appliance
    • Appliance Manufacturer
    • AsiaPulse News
    • Automation (Cleveland, Ohio: 1987)
    • Automation (Dartford, England)
    • Automotive Manufacturing & Production
    • Automotive Production
    • Battery & EV Technology
    • British Plastics & Rubber
    • Chemical Equipment
    • Chinese Markets for Semiconductors
    • Circuits Assembly
    • CleanRooms
    • Consulting Specifying Engineer
    • Control and Instrumentation
    • Control Engineering
    • Control Solutions
    • Cranes Today
    • Design Engineering
    • Diesel Progress North American Edition
    • DVD Report
    • Electro Manufacturing
    • Engineered Systems
    • Engineer's Digest
    • ENR
    • Gases & Welding Distributor
    • Global Design News
    • Hoist
    • Hydraulics & Pneumatics
    • IEEE Spectrum
    • IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management
    • IIE Solutions
    • IIE Transactions
    • Industrial Engineering
    • Industrial Maintenance & Plant Operation
    • Industrial Management
    • Industrial Product Bulletin
    • Industrial Robot
    • Industrial Safety & Hygiene News
    • Instrumentation & Automation News
    • International Journal of Production Economics
    • Journal of Engineering and Technology Management (JET-M)
    • Machine Design
    • Manufacturing News
    • Manufacturing Systems
    • Manufacturing Systems Europe
    • Material Handling Engineering
    • Material Handling Product News
    • Mechanical Engineering-CIME
    • Medical Design Technology
    • Microlithography World
    • Microtechnology News
    • Modern Applications News
    • Modern Materials Handling
    • MSI
    • NDT Update
    • New Equipment Digest
    • New Materials Japan
    • Optical Materials & Engineering News
    • Penton's Controls & Systems
    • Planning (UK)
    • Plant Engineering
    • Portable Design
    • Power
    • Power Engineering International
    • Printed Circuit Design & Manufacture
    • Printed Circuit Fabrication
    • Process Cooling & Equipment
    • Process Heating
    • Product Design & Development
    • Production
    • Production Engineering
    • Quality
    • Quality In Manufacturing
    • Quality Progress
    • Rapid Prototyping Report
    • Research & Development
    • Research-Technology Management
    • Sensors Magazine
    • Technology Alert
    • Transactions of the American Association of Cost Engineers
    • Transmission & Distribution World
    • Vision Systems Design


    • A S H A Leader
    • AIDS Weekly
    • AIDS Weekly Plus
    • Alcohol Research & Health
    • American Family Physician
    • American Medical News
    • Angiogenesis Weekly
    • Antiviral Weekly
    • Biomedical Materials
    • Blood Weekly
    • British Journal of Sports Medicine
    • British Medical Journal
    • Cancer Weekly
    • Cancer Weekly Plus
    • Clinical Infectious Diseases
    • Clinician Reviews
    • Consultant
    • Contemporary Pediatrics
    • Diabetes Care
    • Diabetes Spectrum
    • Diabetes Week
    • Ear, Nose and Throat Journal
    • ED Nursing
    • Emergency Medicine Alert
    • Emerging Infectious Diseases
    • Families, Systems & Health
    • Family Practice News
    • FDA Consumer
    • Gene Therapy Weekly
    • Genomics & Genetics Weekly
    • Harvard Health Letter
    • Harvard Heart Letter
    • Harvard Men's Health Watch
    • Health & Medicine Week
    • Health Letter on the CDC
    • Health Services Research
    • Heart
    • Heart Disease Weekly
    • Hepatitis Weekly
    • IDEA Health & Fitness Source
    • IDEA Personal Trainer
    • Immunotherapy Weekly
    • Injury Prevention
    • Journal of Community Health
    • Journal of Dental Hygiene
    • Journal of Environmental Health
    • Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health
    • Journal of Nursing Care Quality
    • Journal of Sports Sciences
    • Journal of Studies on Alcohol
    • Medical Device Technology
    • Medical Letter on the CDC & FDA
    • Medicine & Health
    • MedSurg Nursing
    • Men's Fitness
    • Mental Health Weekly
    • Nursing
    • Nursing Economics
    • Nutrition & Dietetics: The Journal of the Dieticians Association of Australia
    • OB GYN News
    • Obesity, Fitness & Wellness Week
    • Ophthalmology Times
    • Orthopaedic Nursing
    • Pain & Central Nervous System Week
    • Patient Care
    • Perspectives in Psychiatric Care
    • Practice Nurse
    • Prevention
    • Review of Optometry
    • RN
    • Safety & Health
    • Shape
    • Skin & Allergy News
    • TB & Outbreaks Week
    • Transplant & Tissue Weekly
    • Transplant Weekly
    • Tuberculosis & Airborne Disease Weekly
    • Tuberculosis & Communicable Disease Weekly
    • Vaccine Weekly
    • Virus Weekly
    • Women's Health Weekly
    • World Disease Weekly
    • World Disease Weekly Plus

    Health Care Industry

    • Behavioral Health Business News
    • Biomedical Safety & Standards
    • Chinese Markets for Health Care
    • Computers in Healthcare
    • CTD News Workplace Solutions for Repetitive Stress Injuries
    • Dental Lab Products
    • Dermatology Times
    • Drug Utilization Review
    • ED Management
    • Family and Community Health
    • Genesis Report-Dx
    • Genesis Report-Rx
    • H&HN
    • Health Care Financing Review
    • Health Care Food & Nutrition Focus
    • Health Care Management Review
    • Health Care Strategic Management
    • Health Data Management
    • Health Data Network News
    • Health Legislation & Regulation
    • Health Management Technology
    • Health Marketing Quarterly
    • Health Niche Advisor
    • Health Products Business
    • Healthcare Financial Management
    • Healthcare PR & Marketing News
    • Healthcare Purchasing News
    • Healthcare Risk Management
    • Home Care Magazine
    • Hospital & Health Services Administration
    • Hospital Case Management
    • Hospital Financial Management
    • Hospital Material Management Quarterly
    • Hospital Materials Management
    • Hospital Peer Review
    • Hospitals
    • Hospitals & Health Networks
    • Hospitals, Journal of American Hospital Association
    • Internal Medicine News
    • Internet Health Care
    • Journal of Clinical Engineering
    • Journal of Health Care Finance
    • Journal of Health Care Marketing
    • Journal of Health Economics
    • Journal of Healthcare Management
    • Journal of Neuroscience Nursing
    • Managed Behavioral Health News
    • Managed Care Week
    • Managed Healthcare Executive
    • McKnight's Long-Term Care News
    • Medical Device Approval Letter
    • Medical Economics
    • Medical Industry Employment Opportunities
    • Medical Laboratory Observer
    • Medical Laser Insight
    • Medical Meetings
    • Medical Utilization Management
    • Modern Healthcare
    • National Safety and Health News
    • National Safety News
    • Nursing Homes
    • Nursing Homes and Senior Citizen Care
    • Nursing Homes Long Term Care Management
    • Occupational Hazards
    • On Managed Care
    • Optician
    • Patient Care Management
    • Patient Management
    • Physician Compensation Report
    • Physician Executive
    • Physician Manager
    • Quality Management in Health Care
    • Research in Healthcare Financial Management
    • Standard & Poor's Industry Surveys: Health Care
    • State Health Watch
    • Surgical Products
    • Technology in Practice
    • Telehealth Magazine
    • Transplant News

    Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics Industries

    • American Druggist
    • Antiviral Agents Bulletin
    • Beauty Counter
    • BioPharm
    • Bioresearch Monitoring Alert
    • Chain Drug Review
    • Chinese Markets for Baby Care Products
    • Chinese Markets for Cancer Treatment Drugs
    • Chinese Markets for Cosmetics
    • Chinese Markets for Hair Care
    • Chinese Markets for Heart Treatment Drugs
    • Chinese Markets for HIV Drugs
    • Chinese Markets for Oral Care Products
    • Chinese Markets for Skin Care Products
    • Chinese Markets for Weight Control/Loss Products
    • Community Pharmacy
    • Cosmetics International Cosmetic Products Report
    • Drug & Cosmetic Industry
    • Drug Discovery & Technology News
    • Drug Store News
    • Drug Week
    • Global Cosmetic Industry
    • Life Science Today
    • M2 Europharma
    • Pharma Business
    • Pharmaceutical Business News
    • Pharmaceutical Laboratory
    • Pharmaceutical Processing
    • Pharmaceutical Technology
    • Psychopharmacology Update
    • R & D Directions
    • R & D Focus Drug News
    • Soap & Cosmetics
    • Soap Perfumery & Cosmetics
    • Soap-Cosmetics-Chemical Specialties
    • Tobacco Europe
    • Validation Times
    • WHO Drug Information